Oil on Canvas, 2019

This painting, “Breaking,” invites the viewer to experience feelings when trying to break free of something that we had voluntarily surrendered to either intentionally or unconsciously. It is a prison with no physicality. Our likes and dislikes, and our entire identity are coded in this wide open sky. This freedom and access to information is the modern prison of the masses. What is it bringing out in us individually and as a humanity? How long can we submerge in the habit and lifestyle of gluttony - consuming an over abundance of food, clothes, and stuff? We know we are facing mass extinction, and climate change is an existential threat. Yet, our habits are not in sync with reality. Daily, we ignore that inner voice telling us something is very wrong with the way we carry on. This painting shows what courage can look like, despite the fear of the unknown - freeing by breaking from the norm and returning to nature and our earth. The enormity of our prison today ultimately requires individual courage and commitment.