Siyan Wong acquired her art fundamentals at LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts. Though she went on to study history and economics in college, and then attended law school, she always took art classes alongside her academic studies. As a workers' rights lawyer since 2000, her art is informed by her contact with everyday working people. Since 2001, she continued her art studies with semester and weekend classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the New York Art Academy and Cooper Union. Currently, she studies at the Art Students League. Privately, she spends her time studying the works of great painters and paints in her home studio late into the night. She is inspired by the colors of Paul Cezanne; the confidence in Alice Neel's lines; and the passion of Isidre Nonell to paint the socially ostracized at a time when they were invisible. 

On a canvas, my voice is only limited by my imagination. There are no rules, no bounds, no control. From an early age, I have always resorted to drawing and painting in times of despair, confusions, joy, and conflicts. Growing up poor, and seeing the world mostly from the side of daily toils that yield only enough for another day's toil, I did not see becoming an artist as an option. But painting remained my source of mental and emotional freedom. Here, I share with you what I see. I hope you follow me on this journey.